The  founders of Fiore Interior are Kristina Birk and Marge Pill. Both are originally from Estonia and have lived in Spain for  more than a decade. Combining in their work passion for design and flair for  both local and Scandinavian styles, materials and influences.  Kristina and Marge can offer unique interior design solutions for large variety of spaces from residences and holiday homes to offices and business spaces.

Marge has a business degree from Estonian Business School and has also successfully completed an interior design program. While living in Spain Marge has been involved in different property management, interior design  and renovation projects. In order to be able  to offer unique touches to her interior design projects Marge  has handpicked  and carefully selected partners from all over the world.

Kristina has  successfully completed Limperts Academy of Design as interior designer. As a keen traveller Kristina likes to bring influences from different countries and cultures into her work and  is always on the lookout for fresh and exotic design ideas she can introduce in her projects.