Interior design services encompass a broad range of offerings aimed at enhancing the aesthetics, functionality, and overall ambiance of indoor spaces. These services are tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of clients, whether for residential, commercial, or hospitality projects. Here are the primary aspects of interior design services:

1. Consultation and Concept Development: The process typically begins with an in-depth consultation to understand the client’s vision, lifestyle, and requirements. Designers create concept boards and sketches to visualize the design direction, ensuring alignment with the client’s goals.

2. Space Planning: Effective space planning is crucial for optimizing the layout of furniture and decor to enhance flow and usability. Designers assess the space to determine the best configuration, taking into account factors like traffic patterns, functionality, and safety.

3. Selection of Materials and Finishes: Interior designers help clients choose materials and finishes that align with the design concept, budget, and desired aesthetic. This includes selecting flooring, wall coverings, cabinetry, countertops, and fixtures that complement the overall theme.

4. Furniture and Decor Procurement: Designers assist in sourcing and procuring furniture, lighting, accessories, and artwork that fit the space and enhance its visual appeal. They often have access to exclusive vendors and custom furniture makers to provide unique pieces.

5. Color Scheme and Lighting Design: An integral part of interior design is developing a cohesive color palette and lighting plan. Designers consider natural light, artificial lighting, and the impact of colors on mood and perception to create a harmonious environment.

6. Project Management: From concept to completion, interior designers manage the entire project, coordinating with contractors, architects, and other professionals. They oversee timelines, budgets, and installation to ensure a seamless execution of the design plan.

7. Styling and Final Touches: The finishing touches bring the design to life. Designers arrange decor, style surfaces, and ensure every detail aligns with the overall aesthetic. This stage involves careful placement of accessories, artwork, and textiles to create a polished look.

8. Sustainability and Wellness: Modern interior design often incorporates sustainable practices and wellness principles. Designers might choose eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting, and biophilic elements that enhance health and well-being.

Interior design services transform spaces by blending creativity, technical knowledge, and project management skills to create environments that are not only beautiful but also functional and reflective of the client’s personality and needs.


The  founders of Fiore Interior are Kristina Kaup and Marge Pill. Both are originally from Estonia and have lived in Spain for  more than a decade. Combining in their work passion for design and flair for  both local and Scandinavian styles, materials and influences.  Kristina and Marge can offer unique interior design solutions for large variety of spaces from residences and holiday homes to offices and business spaces.

Marge has a business degree from Estonian Business School and has also successfully completed an interior design program. While living in Spain Marge has been involved in different property management, interior design  and renovation projects. In order to be able  to offer unique touches to her interior design projects Marge  has handpicked  and carefully selected partners from all over the world.

Kristina has  successfully completed Limperts Academy of Design as interior designer. As a keen traveller Kristina likes to bring influences from different countries and cultures into her work and  is always on the lookout for fresh and exotic design ideas she can introduce in her projects.